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 6-24 Warm Up: Barbell Only ? Snatch, C&J Practice Together Then: Group Pick...

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6-23 Warm Up: Junk Yard Dog Shoulder Mobility Burgener Warm Up Strength: Power Snatch 75% 1x10 OTM WOD: 10 min...

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6-22 Warm Up: Coaches Call Fun: Box Jump Course Partner Banded Sprints  WOD: Fight Gone Bad Style Wall...

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Get out the Knots with your MRL

Myofascial Release Ladder

The Myofascial Release Ladder, or MRL, is a self-massager used to apply pressure to sore, knotted muscles.

The unique design of the MRL lets a user self- administer a variable and targeted force to myofascial tissue requiring structural realignment to relieve associated symptoms.

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MRL in action
Reebok Crossfit Nano 2.0